ABC Ambulance Services - a dedicated team of Doctors, medics, paramedics, carers & drivers.

Doctors - We have fully qualified and experienced Doctors who can provide the highest levels of care over a wide range of specialised areas.

Nurses - All our nurses are experienced NHS trained nurses currently working in specialities such as Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Emergency Nurse Practitioners. All hold senior positions in their chosen specialty areas. Some of our nurses are experienced in "In-flight" nursing care for patient repatriations home and abroad.

Care Assistants - For basic nursing care needs, we have experienced care assistants currently employed by the NHS. All of our care assistants work in specialty areas such as Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Orthopaedics and Trauma and Care of the Elderly.

Paramedics - All our paramedic staff are NHS trained State Registered Paramedics and currently employed by the NHS. They have further certificated training which is recognised by the British Motor Sport Association to deal with Motor Sport Injuries.

First Aid/First Responders - Our first aiders have several years experience in first aid care, some with a first aid teaching certificate. All have hands-on experience working with the sick and injured. Our staff are all FPOS - 'First Person on Scene' trained to FPOS-B or FPOS-I level.

Drivers/Care Assistants/First-On-Scene - The majority of our drivers are trained to advanced driving levels, with Blue Light Driving standard. They are also experienced in basic care of the sick and injured. There is an on-going training programme recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons in First-On-Scene at major incidents/accidents which make them a valuable assistant for Paramedics and A/E Trauma Nurses.

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Unequalled Service

We currently provide one of the most experienced and efficient private ambulance services in Scotland. Our reputation is second to none and we strive to maintain the most courteous, professional and caring private ambulance service in the country.